Where to Draw the Line? Editorial Cartoons in Québec, 1950-2000

In May 2008, Idéeclic continued our long lasting partnership with the McCord Museum to design and create the virtual exhibition Where to Draw the Line? Editorial Cartoons in Québec, 1950-2000, which was awarded the Télé-Québec 2010 Audiovisual and Multimedia Award.

As the Museum indicated, “This exhibition was designed with two major purposes in mind: to make the McCord Museum’s magnificent collection of editorial cartoons accessible to the public and to facilitate appreciation of these works of art by recalling the details of the political, social and cultural events that inspired the cartoonists.”

This production was a Virtual Museum of Canada project.

This project provides access (through the Museum’s search engine) to approximately 20 000 cartoons, and the main interface presents 2 000 of these works organized into pairs, showcasing the duality of the French and English perspectives on 50 socio-political events.The exhibition also offers five lesson plans for secondary Cycle 2 audiences in Quebec, and five historical interpretive essays on editorial cartoonists written by the Museum and its partners. It offers
access to present-day cartoons, as well as the ability to vote for an historical character represented by a cartoon, leave comments and to play an adapted tagging game allowing users to compare spontaneous opinions on cartoons at the same time.

Idéeclic was responsible for the graphic design, programming of the main functionalities, and for the adaptation of the presentation templates. Idéeclic also participated in restructuring the Museum’s database and integrating English and French content.

Where to Draw the Line? Editorial Cartoons in Québec, 1950-2000