The Virtual Historian

In June 2010, the University of Ottawa faculty of Education began working with idéeclic to design, build and deploy an updated version of their Virtual Historian web-based application, launched in september 2011.

Version 1.0 of The Virtual Historian (built by the U of O as a prototype) was an interactive multimedia module, built in Flash, containing a fun, dynamic interface leading to multimedia and audiovisual resources with several basic interactive components. This version was, unfortunately, hard to manage, making it difficult to create new resources. The architecture was not modular, thus not scalable. Another difficulty was that it was impossible to deliver the resources individually through platforms used by Ontario schools, which is a main goal for the program.

The Virtual Historian 2.0 was made possible by funding from the Canada Foundation for innovation. This grant also included a research element linked to a learner-assessment laboratory equipped with eye tracking technologies for evaluation.

Idéeclic collaborated with Mr. Stéphane Lévesque, the project lead, to plan, design, test, build, manage and deploy a new, highly collaborative version of the site. Using Idéeclic’s proven project methodology, the Virtual Historian 2.0 was developed meeting all requirements and expectations, within scope and schedule.

The Virtual Historian 2.0 differs from the original through its modular architecture and built in content management system, allowing multiple collaborators to manage and create bilingual content. The Virtual Historian 2.0 enables teachers to copy the public resources, modify and personalize them using the site’s toolbox. Teachers can also use the Virtual Historian 2.0 to build their own resources and share them with colleagues as they see fit. Finally, the Virtual Historian 2.0 lays the foundation for a virtual classroom, allowing teachers to assign work to their students and track their activities and progress individually, online.

The Virtual Historian 2.0 is an accessible platform that allows all Ontario teachers and students, including those with disabilities, to benefit from the site.

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