Tipatshimuna - Innu Stories from the Land

Tipatshimuna is a bilingual cyber-exhibition that focuses on the heritage and traditions of the Innu people, using their own words, stories and material culture. This project was created in 2005 in collaboration with Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN), the Innu Nation and The Rooms Museum of Newfoundland, and was the winner of the 2006 Multimedia Award from the Canadian Museum Association (CMA). Idéeclic also created a promotional postcard for the site. Updates were made to the site in 2008.

This site was developed to not only provide a space for the Innu people to showcase their history to a world wide audience, but to give them the skills and tools necessary to maintain the site after it was developed. This was an exercise in virtual repatriation, allowing the Innu to regain control over artifacts that are stored in museums as well as preserve their intangible heritage, such as stories and memories. A gallery and search engine displays the digital collection of objects that can be searched by keywords in English or Innu-aimun.

The entire project was run as an ongoing focus group. CHIN, Idéeclic and The Rooms Museum met with the Innu Nation many times throughout the project’s development, talking to elders, youth and other members of the community. The site was tested at several stages, to ensure ease of use, as well as re- spect for the Innu people and their cultural artifacts and heritage. Their insight was vital to the project’s success. Sometimes, these focus groups were very large, encompassing many different members of the community.

Scope of Work

Idéeclic was mandated to:

  • Manage the production
  • Design the architecture, functionalities, interfaces and navigation
  • Collaborate with Innu painters for the look & feel
  • Create the digital collection database, search engine and content management system (CMS)
  • Integrate the contents in English and French