The range of services provided by Idéeclic Inc. focus primarily on strategic planning of outreach activities using digital media, and on Web, mobile and multimedia design.  We are committed to providing cultural and heritage organizations with innovative solutions and products to maximise their public impact.

We aim to use the full potential of digital technology to increase content outreach through stimulating  interactive resources, learning experiences and awareness development.  We want to give you the means to capture the imagination and to leave a lasting impression.

Over the years, more than 80 museums, librairies, archives, foundations, cultural organizations and aboriginal communities have become our partners in innovation.  Together, we have carried out over 150 projects, may of which were awarded prizes or mentions of excellence, both nationally and internationally.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and upcoming projects. Here is a list of the services we offer :

  • strategic communication and diffusion of cultural and heritage products;
  • consulting Services related to the use of new technologies and their integration in the cultural sector (defining business requirements, business validation, assessments, diagnostics and benchmarking);
  • Grant writing assistance;
  • feasibility studies, focus groups and usability testing;
  • storyboarding, design and production of interactive projects, such as databases and digital collections, virtual exhibits and educational games, online communities and collaborative tools (Web 2.0), website development, including Content Management Systems (CMS), mobile compatible websites, handheld applications and interactive stations, multi-partner and multidisciplinary interactive onsite exhibition projects.
  • development of lesson plans, learning objects and educational resources for use online;
  • research and writing services for interactive games and virtual exhibitions.