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Sharing the meal! is a collaborative project developed by the Musée de la civilisation de Quebec (MCQ), the université laval and Idéeclic . This virtual exhibit explores what is being served around Quebec, from lac-saint-Jean tourtière to takeout sushi, from aboriginal influences to the contributions of immigrants. From festive meals to fast food, visitors delve into food heritage, and along with it, the identity of the citizens of Quebec. Contributions from the public (through social media) are displayed along with the original ten contributors, enriching the diversity of themes and cultures.

The project began with the collection of videos from each family, discussing how they use food to celebrate and connect themselves to their past. They also discuss how their traditions have evolved over time (as they meet and interact with new cultural influences, people etc.). Families represented are from many different cultures. Four of the videos have been filmed in 360 degree panoramic view, allowing the user to control the camera angle and explore the scene in detail. This exhibit also features artifacts from the MCQ collection, including kitchen tools, images and artwork.

Intangible heritage such as cultural celebrations and how they evolve is hard to capture. The use of video allows visitors to the virtual exhibition to both see and hear from these families, in their own words. Watching and discovering how families blend traditions, come together and celebrate is both intimate and fascinating.

Sharing the meal! also asks for contributions from the public of their own traditions using our collaborative website. Contributions can be videos, photos, texts (such as recipes) etc., and will be displayed along with the original ten contributors, enriching the diversity of themes and cultures. The site is also complimented by classroom activities, including a running tally of where the different contributions are coming from across the country.

To create this virtual exhibition, Idéeclic configured the Drupal CMs, allowing the MCQ to continue to update and edit the content, as well as add new artifacts and stories as they come in through social Media. It also contains powerful filtering tools, which separate the public contributions from museum collection items.

This production was a Virtual Museum of Canada project.

Manger Ensemble
Mangez Ensemble