Gemstone or not?

Maelström Créatif, responsible for the production of the physical exhibition at the Musée minier et minéralogique in Thetford Mines, chose to work with Idéeclic for the design and creation of the interactive quiz on gemstones.

The quiz proposes randomly to visitors five questions out of a possibility of 20. For each question, visitors can validate their answers and learn more about gemstones and discover related images. At the end of the game, visitors can view a video interview with a gemologist.

The game is bilingual and it was designed for tactile screens in a physical exhibition context. Idéeclic designed the user-friendly interface, produced the functional game and integrated the content. The interactive kiosk was delivered and integrated into the museum’s exhibition in June 2016.

Gemstone or not? - Answer and gemstone picture
Gemme ou pas? - Splash
Gemstone or not? - Question
Gemstone or not? - Video